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Three Main Methods of Carpet Cleaning in Winter

Every problem has a solution and in case you want your carpet cleaned in the winter, you surely do not want to deal with the wetness that comes along with regular carpet cleaning. For your convenience, you can opt for three ways of cleaning a carpet like bonnet or dry cleaning, dry foam and dry powder cleaning, for hassle free cleaning. It is easy to practice dry carpet cleaning as it prevents you and your home from getting wet.

Bonnet cleaning or dry cleaning works immensely well for in-between cleanings and it is secure for most carpet fibers and removes the top soil. It avoids getting the dirt and germs deep in the carpet. For this, the carpet cleaning product for dry cleaning is mixed with carbonated water and the mixture is then deposited onto the carpet in the form of a light spray of a mist. Then a round buffer or shield is used to scrub the carpet in a rotating fashion. The cleaning mixture and the carbonated water are very helpful in lifting the particles. But remember this method is of use only if the carpet does not have any inner sediments of dirt in it.

The very similar method to the shampooing motion that has prevailed for a long time is the dry foam method. This method requires equal amount of scrubbing, which is done in a strong circular motion. The main difference is that with dry foam you do not have to wait for any drying and the bubbles will slowly disappear, so there is very little residue left. Many dry foam carpet cleaning systems have their own in-built vacuum to deal with the leftovers. This method may not suit the typical definition of dry cleaning, but is an effectual way to sanitize your carpets.

The next method is done with a dry powder mixed with the cleaning solution. This blend is then spread out consistently over the carpet. To wash the powder a cylindrical or round brush is used into the carpet where dirt and grime is attracted. The powder is vacuumed off and before you realize the dirt particles are gone, and you will be able to walk on the carpet. No drying time is involved in this carpet cleaning process and it is also less time consuming. However, like the Bonnet method, this method will most likely only clean the top third of the carpet. This is an efficient and great mode to do a fast and effectual cleaning, although you still may require a wet cleaning at some point.


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